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Carers' assessment

As a Carer you have a legal right to a carers' assessment of your needs, support to meet those needs and access to information and advice.

The carers' assessment is a conversation to find out: 

  • how being a carer affects you 
  • what needs you may have  
  • what support may be available for you 

The person you care for does not need to be receiving help from Social Care for you to have a carer's assessment.  

Completing a carers' assessment 

You can complete a carers' assessment in a number of ways.  You can receive support to complete one with a professional that is already known to you such as a Social Worker, you can request help from one of our Carers Advisors or you can complete a carers' self- assessment. 

Complete a carers' assessment with a Carer's Advisor 

To contact the Stockton Adult Carers Support Service for help to complete an assessment with you:

If you chose to be supported by a worker with your carers' assessment, they will work with you and ask questions to understand the level of support you provide and how this has an impact on your life. They will be aware that some areas discussed may cover delicate issues. All questions will be asked sensitively and the answers you give will be treated in the strictest confidence. 


Complete a carers' self-assessment 

To use our self-assessment, you must be: 

  • over 18 
  • providing care and support to an adult who lives in the Borough of Stockton-on-Tees 

If you are a young carer (under 18), you can access support from Eastern Ravens Trust.  

If you are a parent carer, you can access support from the Stockton Parent Carer Forum. 

Complete a carers' self-assessment


After you have completed an assessment 

After your assessment has been completed, you will get a written copy of your carers' assessment and a carers support plan. Your plan will show how the needs you identified in your assessment will be met. 

It will be reviewed annually to make sure your needs are still being met. The review can be online, over the phone, at a meeting place away from home or at your own home.